Dr. Wong, Thanks!

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May 12, 2009
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May 17, 2009
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Dr. Wong, Thanks!

A grateful patient says thank you after retinal detachment surgery.

Dr. Wong,
Just a quick note to thank you how grateful I am for the awesome care you gave me when you fixed my detached retina.  All I know when we met was that I was very concerned (read scared) about losing some of my peripheral vision in my left eye.  I’ve seen too many people lose their zest for life when one of their senses is taken away and I did not want that.
But from the second we met you made me feel right at ease and the manner in which you conveyed your diagnosis so that a second grader can understand meant a lot.  It was not at all surprising that the surgery went without a hitch and I literally did not experience any pain in my eye related to surgery.  The only pain I felt was in my back and shoulders from you making me face down for 5 days!  Boy, that was fun! 
Sincerely, though, thanks for making what potentially was a scary experience into one that was pleasantly bearable.  Thanks for fixing my eye and restoring my vision. You’re awesome!
Marni deLeon
Bethesda, MD


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