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How This Blog Has Developed…into a Business!

I started this blog 2.5 years ago. We have started a medical marketing company to teach other docs to do the same!

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Blogs, the simplest form of social media, can improve health education and at the same time aid interested doctors in marketing their medical practice.  It’s a win-win.

I started about 2.5 years ago with  It started as a bit of challenge to myself, but resulted after my attorney wife, Amy, introduced me to the techniques of Internet Marketing.

Google Made “Search” Legit

I realized that thanks to Google, getting pages to appear at the top of search list was now legitimate.  No more games or gimmicks.  No more paying your way to the top.

Search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, reward websites with fresh and relevant content with high rankings!  While their algorithms of how they rank pages are secret, the major search engines now rank pages based on the content, that is, the quality and relevance of the articles contained on that page.

This, so-called “content marketing” allows web pages with really good information with high rankings…in this case, medical websites that publish accurate and relevant health information will enjoy top rankings.

“Above the Fold”

Top rankings for a webpage are analogous to the most important news story appearing “above the fold” in newspaper lingo.

Amy and I have founded Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC,  a medical website optimization company, .  Our goals are to;

  • teach medical practices how to publish great websites that get ranked by Google
  • improve the quality and credibility of health info on the Internet
  • establish a legitimate business

In a nutshell, we’ll teach a doctor to do what I’ve done for my own practice.  By publishing great medical content…websites get ranked well.

The public gets great health information and the doctor gets marketing!

I think our timing is great.  Doctors are just realizing that they must engage the Internet, as over 80% of the public turns to the Internet for health related questions.

Doctors don’t understand the importance of social media and fail to realize that engaging in social media can be as simple as starting a blog (like this one).  Starting Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts can be helpful, but not necessary.

Our biggest endorsement comes this fall.  The American Academy of Ophthalmology is in Orlando and we’ll be teaching several courses on just how to get started.

Wish us luck!  Imagine…if more doctors would create websites like this one, the quality and credibility of health information available on the Internet would be second to none!

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By Randall Wong, M.D.

As a retina specialist, I've been very successful with my websites to educate my patients about what I do professionally.

I am a father of five, have a passion for SEO, love Dunkin' Donuts and don't care for Starbucks coffee, love tennis, but only like to watch golf. I'm a huge youth ice hockey supporter and love Labrador retrievers.

8 replies on “How This Blog Has Developed…into a Business!”

Congratulations Dr. Wong!
Well done. We find the information you share on your site interesting and will be well informed consumers when the need arises.
Thank you.

I support this and as you know, Dr. Wong, I have been able to come in contact with you because with my situation via google search. Not am I only seeing the benefit as someone who has been seeking medical attention thanks to the internet, but as have seen an explosion of table top gaming (playing games that are not video game related) with blogs, youtube, twitter and all that other media. If not for the internet and social media, table top gaming would have died or be near death considering the power and popularity of video games. It has also served as a platform for me to grab some attention with some of my home brewed games.

It’s quite entertaining to see how this social media and internet has even drifted over into medicine, something I thought would never happen. But as I have said, I am benefiting from it, if not for your “pioneer attitude” I would probably be stuck.

You mentioned how majority of doctors don’t understand the importance of social networking, could this be due to a “canon law” of medicine where medical professionals who cross this line are considered “mavericks”

I would love to go more in depth with this, but time and a place and the white background is a bit bothersome.

Best of luck on your new passion.

This is 100% true that social media really improves the medical optimization and here we could see the impact on Facebook itself. I have seen a doctor shows the snaps of surgery that he had done and what I see, loads of comments were there.

I do belongs to a medical software industry and deliver Medical billing software Care MD at MD consultant US.


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