Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,

This is my favorite week of the year.

I love that my older two are back from school, we have no hockey scheduled, I take a few days off, etc.  It’s a nice break from the routine.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Stay well.


By Randall Wong, M.D.

As a retina specialist, I've been very successful with my websites to educate my patients about what I do professionally.

I am a father of five, have a passion for SEO, love Dunkin' Donuts and don't care for Starbucks coffee, love tennis, but only like to watch golf. I'm a huge youth ice hockey supporter and love Labrador retrievers.

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We wish you a very happy New Year alongwith all the members of your family. We pray for your good health and long life so that the needy people keep benefitting from your informative postings; indeed a noble job.

Happy new year! A great site for information. I can’t believe you take the time to answer almost every post. Dont wear yourself out. 😉

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