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Randall Wong MD Retina Specialist Fairfax Virginia
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January 6, 2015
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February 11, 2015
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Peter Wyckoff

Intravitreal Injections for Retinal Diseases, Randall Wong, M.D.

I would highly recommend Dr. Wong and his staff for treatment of diseases of the retina.  After many diagnostic and treatment visits for macular degeneration, I have full confidence in his medical judgment, technical knowledge and skill and, of  great importance to me, his personal concern for my welfare.  At the very start, he took the time to establish a warm personal relationship and to answer my many technical questions patiently.  I especially appreciated his in-depth and state-of-the-art knowledge of the retina, its ailments and appropriate treatments and, also importantly for me, his gathering of and singular reliance on empirical data.  Dr. Wong’s high level of competence also appears in his training and use of medical assistants, who gather much of such data and do so professionally and courteously every time I have visited.  The reception, scheduling and billing staff at his office are also highly efficient, responsive and friendly.  I have appreciated especially that Dr. Wong and his colleagues do an excellent job of adhering to appointment times and making the visits as efficient as possible.  All in all, my experience with Dr. Wong and his office has been excellent and, best of all, has resulted in stabilization and improvement in my rapidly deteriorating eyesight.  For that, I am grateful beyond words.

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