Blurry Vision Following Vitrectomy

Here’s a short list of reasons why your vision may be blurry after vitrectomy surgery other than the particular reason for operating.

blurry vision following vitrectomyHere are some causes of blurry vision following vitrectomy eye surgery.  These are temporary causes and should resolve in a short time.

There are other reasons that may blur your vision, but those reasons may be related to the particular eye disease for which we are operating.

An Eye Patch Causes Blurry Vision

After every vitrectomy, an eye patch is placed to keep the eyelids closed against the eye.  There really no medicinal use of a patch other than comfort.

The pressure required to keep the eyelid closed is also enough to temporarily change the shape of your cornea.  In a sense, we are artificially creating astigmatism.

Any alteration to the smoothness of the cornea or its shape can cause significant changes in your vision.

Blurriness from the patch usually resolves the same day.

Dilating Drops Cause Blurry Vision

Dilating drops are a very common cause of blurry vision.  The drops dilate the pupil allowing me to see inside your eye and perform the operation.

The same drops also paralyze the muscles used to help you focus.

We usually use dilating drops which are slightly stronger than those used routinely in the office, hence, the dilation lasts longer.

Blurry vision is caused for two reasons.  First, more light is allowed into the eye.  Most of the this extra light needs to be focused.

Second, your eye can not focus normally because the focusing muscles (ciliary muscles) are paralyzed.

Blurry vision from the drops can take a few days to reverse.

Scleral Stitches

Sometimes I elect to close the small entry wounds, called sclerotomies, with absorbable stitches (aka sutures).  The wounds are adjacent to the cornea, but close enough to cause some warping or bending of the cornea if pulled too tightly.

This should all reverse when the sutures fall out by themselves.

Most vitrectomies these days are sutureless, so this has become less of an issue.

Any questions or comments?  Please feel free to add them below!


By Randall Wong, M.D.

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13 replies on “Blurry Vision Following Vitrectomy”

I am 1 year past my vitrectomy (done hi another surgeon)
The cause was diabetic retinopathy.
But one year after the surgery my vision still has blurred areas making it impossible to read.

My doctor keeps saying it will clear up but there has been no improvement in 12 months

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly welcomed


Really tells me there’s something else going on. I wish I could examine you, but seems like you may have what you have. r

Hi. My father did ppv surgery 7weeks ago and he still cannot see from the operated eye. Before the surgery he could see normally. The operation was successfull. Could the gas cause this ?

I have no idea. I apologize for the late response. I’ll defer to his doctor.


Hi Mark, hope the blurriness in your eye is gone by now.

I had my Vitrectomy procedure done in March and I also have blurriness in my eye. Two Specialists have looked at it and can’t find anything. One said it could be six months to a year to heal from the surgery. I have another appointment with a third Doctor in two months.

I had gone through a vitrectomy surgery on 29th July 2019. The surgery done to remove blood clot formed.
My vision is blurred now. How long it takes to get back my vision normal?

I had my surgery 11 months ago. My eyesight is still blurry, even with glasses. At my last appointment, the doctor says that the surgery is not like placing a flat blanket at the back of my eye that is perfectly fitted. He says I will forever have blurriness, and there is no getting around that. He says my brain will eventually learn to rely more on my good eye, and the bad eye will just limp along and follow. Reminds me of Festus from Gunsmoke, I am probably better off wearing an eye patch, because the blurriness is so annoying! Can’t believe this will be how the rest of my life will be….

Sorry for the troubling/bad news. Follow his/her advice…or seek a second opinion. Randy

My father underwent a lens replace surgery as his cataract correction lens fell into viterios gel. 4 weeks post the operation his vision is still somehow blurry.

Hard to know the reason without the ability to examine. Lenses/cataract/implants that fall into the vitreous can often be safely retrieved and with an excellent visual outcome. All the best! Randy

Can’t really know what’s going on without examining you! Please stay in touch with your eye doctor. Randy

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