Randall Wong, M.D.

I am now retired from clinical practice as of 2021.  While this site was originally used to educate about retinal eye disease.  With the help of Mike Rosco, M.D., the focus of the site is expanding to topics about eye disease in general.
Mike adds a new and younger perspective to the website as he has recently completed residency.  It is our hope that by expanding our focus to eye disease in general, this site can impact more people.

Retina Specialist

Becoming a retina specialist requires additional training after completing ophthalmology residency.  The process to become a general ophthalmologist usually takes about 8 years after college and fellowship training to sub-specialize takes an additional 1-2 years.  For example:

  • College (4 years)
  • Medical School (4 years)
  • Internship (1 year)
  • Ophthalmology Residencey (3 years)
  • Retina Fellowship (2 years)

I started this website for educational purposes to teach those with questions about eye diseases such as;

  • Macular Degeneration
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Retinal Tears
  • Flashes and Floaters
  • Epiretinal Membranes
  • Macular Holes
  • Complications from Cataract Surgery
  • Retinal Vascular Occlusions
  • Intra-vitreal Injections

For educational purposes, we will be expanding the subject matter to include information about many other eye diseases other than just those related to the retina.

Educate Online

As I have created this website, I have realized the importance of engaging patients online.  A continuum can exist between the digital world and the clinical office.  I have found that patients who learn more about their health from their own doctor’s publications, have a better experience, especially if the provider is accessible outside of the office.  In other words, I have found tremendous value in my patients learning from me on this website and carrying that knowledge to the office and vice versa.

Simply put, if more doctors were willing to create pages such as mine, the quality of health information available on the Internet would be greatly improved!

Who I Am

Amy and I have a blended family with five children, but are “empty nesters.”

In addition to becoming a reformed retina specialists, I’m a tennis player who has now become obsessed with pickleball.  We’ve downsized and are enjoying apartment life with our 2 dogs (American Labrador and and Labrador wanna-be), continue to love Dunkin’ Midnight (mixed with Dunkin’ Original) and love life on the commerical pharmaceutical side.


Randall V. Wong, M.D.
Ophthalmologist, Retina Specialist