Macular Degeneration

November 6, 2009

Here's Blood in Your Eye!

Sudden loss of vision may be due to bleeding inside your eye. A vitreous hemorrhage can cause loss of vision in patients with diabetes. Sub-retinal hemorrhage may occur in patients with macular degeneration.
November 10, 2009

Macular Degeneration; How Do We Cope?

How do patients cope with severe vision loss from macular degeneration?
November 11, 2009

What Vitamins Prevent Macular Degeneration?

Who really needs to be taking vitamins for macular degeneration? Actually very few according to the only leading studies.
November 17, 2009

Cataracts are Like Grey Hair! Everyone Gets Them.

All patients eventually develop cataracts. Cataract symptoms include decreased vision and glare. Cataract surgery often benefits patients with diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration.