My Opinion

September 7, 2010

Wong Turns 50!

I turned 50 this weekend. As I turn 50, there were some many ways I shared my bday with people I know. What it means "to follow."
September 20, 2010

Sometimes the Disease Wins

Despite my best surgical efforts, many times the results of retinal surgery are less than expected. As I learned from my mentor, "sometimes the disease wins."
September 23, 2010

…and Often the Patient Wins

More often than not, retinal surgery proves beneficial for the patient. Most of the time, we are successful at restoring and maintaining functional vision.
September 30, 2010

Intraocular Drug Delivery Systems Gaining Momentum

Retinal specialists have been using intravitreal injections to treat retinal disease. Sustained release systems are gaining in popularity. Soon, more than retinal disease will be treated with these devices.