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May 24, 2012

Vitrectomy for Floaters (FOV)

Floaters can be bothersome changes in your vision. Floater only vitrectomy, shown here, is the basic operation a retina specialist uses to treat patients with floaters.
July 18, 2012

When a Retinal Detachment Becomes an Emergency

There are only 2 emergency situations faced by a retinal surgeon. Not all retinal detachments are emergencies...most are not.
December 13, 2012

Emergency, Elective and Cosmetic Surgery

The difference between emergency surgery and elective surgery is only the immediacy of the surgery. Loss of function can occur in both types and both are covered by insurance.
February 14, 2013

Does Aspirin Cause Macular Degeneration?

Australian researchers claim aspirin use may cause macular degeneration. Many take aspirin to prevent heart attacks. What can you do?