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Eye Surgery Can Blind
February 22, 2010 By Randall Wong, M.D.

The risks of cataract surgery and retina eye surgery include blindness from infection or retinal detachment. The chances of these complications occurring are quite small.

Blood Thinners Don't Cause Bleeding
February 12, 2010 By Randall Wong, M.D.

Bleeding occurs commonly in diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. Many patients are taking blood thinners for other reasons. When bleeding occurs in the eye, do you need to stop your medicines?

"Top Ten" Retinal Eye Emergencies: Part II
February 7, 2010 By Randall Wong, M.D.

The “Top Ten” of retinal emergencies is completed today. Topping the list is a type of retinal detachment. Cataract surgery can also lead to relative emergent situations. Remember, losing vision, from whatever cause, can be an “emergency.”

"Mr. Ozurdex" is Seeing Well
January 21, 2010 By Randall Wong, M.D.

Ozurdex has been approved for the treatment of macular swelling caused by retinal vascular problems. In my own practice, Ozurdex is becoming more useful. It signifies the beginning of a new era!

The Risks of Eye Injections
December 29, 2009 By Randall Wong, M.D.

There are risks to every medical procedure. The risks of intravitreal injections are low, but include blindness from infection and possibly retinal detachment. How to safeguard against infection from intraocular injections.

Sometimes You Just Need a Vitrectomy
December 10, 2009 By Randall Wong, M.D.

Vitrectomy eye surgery is commonly used to remove blood in cases of vitreous hemorrhage. It is the basic operation of a retina specialist. Advanced proliferative diabetic retinopathy may require a vitrectomy operation for treatment.

Tips On Choosing an "Eye" Doctor: A Retina Specialist?
December 2, 2009 By Randall Wong, M.D.

Choosing the right “eye” doctor may be difficult if you have retinal disease. Who do you see, and when?

Diabetes and Retinal Detachments
November 9, 2009 By Randall Wong, M.D.

Though uncommon, diabetic retinal detachments can cause severe loss of vision and blindness. It is, usually, a preventable disease.

Here's Blood in Your Eye!
November 6, 2009 By Randall Wong, M.D.

Sudden loss of vision may be due to bleeding inside your eye. A vitreous hemorrhage can cause loss of vision in patients with diabetes. Sub-retinal hemorrhage may occur in patients with macular degeneration.

American Diabetes Month: Diabetic Eye Disease, What Every Doctor Should Know (so, tell them!)
October 29, 2009 By Randall Wong, M.D.

American Diabetes Month. What every doctor should know about diabetic eye disease (read and go tell them!).


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