December 10, 2009

Sometimes You Just Need a Vitrectomy

Vitrectomy eye surgery is commonly used to remove blood in cases of vitreous hemorrhage. It is the basic operation of a retina specialist. Advanced proliferative diabetic retinopathy may require a vitrectomy operation for treatment.
December 29, 2009

The Risks of Eye Injections

There are risks to every medical procedure. The risks of intravitreal injections are low, but include blindness from infection and possibly retinal detachment. How to safeguard against infection from intraocular injections.
January 21, 2010

"Mr. Ozurdex" is Seeing Well

Ozurdex has been approved for the treatment of macular swelling caused by retinal vascular problems. In my own practice, Ozurdex is becoming more useful. It signifies the beginning of a new era!
February 7, 2010

"Top Ten" Retinal Eye Emergencies: Part II

The "Top Ten" of retinal emergencies is completed today. Topping the list is a type of retinal detachment. Cataract surgery can also lead to relative emergent situations. Remember, losing vision, from whatever cause, can be an "emergency."