Retinal Detachments

April 28, 2009

Retinal Tears and Retinal Detachments

Scleral buckles are being replaced by vitrectomy for repair of retinal detachments.
November 9, 2009

Diabetes and Retinal Detachments

Though uncommon, diabetic retinal detachments can cause severe loss of vision and blindness. It is, usually, a preventable disease.
November 27, 2009

Catching Up From Yesterday….Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday, I wrote a small article about the “eye” value of what we were eating for Thanksgiving.  I went over a traditional Thanksgiving meal to see […]
April 14, 2010

Scleral Buckle Surgery for Retinal Detachment

Scleral buckle surgery has been instrumental for fixing retinal detachments for over 75 years. To me, this means the surgery inherently "fixes" the problem of retinal detachments.