October 8, 2013

When to Remove Macular Pucker

Most patients wait too long before considering removal of a macular pucker (epiretinal membrane). The decision should be made as soon as visual changes are noticed.
January 7, 2014

What is Anisometropia?

Anisometropia can be a result of induced (created) myopia from a scleral buckle and/or cataract. If this is the case, it is usually correctable.
May 8, 2014

Vitrectomy and Scleral Buckle for Retinal Detachment | Retina Specialist Virginia

This is the last in a short series of fixing a retinal detachment. Using both procedures, success rate must be leveraged against complications.
September 3, 2014

Scleral Buckle vs. Vitrectomy

Here's a question about retinal detachment repair: Scleral Buckle vs Vitrectomy? Here's my feeling about this comment and which may be better.