Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Thanksgivine 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Thanksgivine 2016Happy Thanksgiving – wherever you might be. I wish the best to you and your family during this Thanksgiving holiday.  Thanksgiving is celebrated 11/24 in the U.S.

Amy and I are looking forward to all the family that can convene at our house on Thursday.  As of August we became “empty nesters” with the younger two leaving; one to college and the other to play juniors hockey.

Not all the kids will be able to make it home.  We are still getting used to the empty house and it will be tough not to have everyone together, but we understand it’s a necessary evil of having them grow up.

Frying Turkey and Eating Well

As has become a tradition, we are frying a turkey. Here’s a video of how I fried a turkey, 2015. We gave up the oven roasted version a few years ago. That particular Thanksgiving we had several turkeys. No one touched the oven roasted and the fried were devoured. Message was received.

A few years ago, I wrote entitled Eat Right…See Good!: Eye Nutrients and the Thanksgiving Repast. There are just a few tidbits of information which might become useful if the conversation gets a little dry when you are eating on Thursday. It’s a lighter view of dissecting what we are eating and how it might affect your eyes.

My Apology for Laziness

I apologize in the long delay and inconsistency of my posts. I’m in the midst of trying to consistently post on RetinaEyeDoctor.com (here), YouTube and a podcast. It has taken a lot more time than I had initially thought.

At the same time, I am expanding our subject matter from retinal diseases of the eye to all of general ophthalmology. Similar subject matter will posted across the different platforms. The idea is to provide patient education across what ever type of platform you prefer;

  1. Reading a website/blog article
  2. Watching and listening to a video
  3. Listening to a podcast

Please Share, Subscribe, Download

I have an ambitious goal of reaching 100k readers per month.  This will take some work on my end, but by expanding the content, I should be able to keep this informative, relevant and interesting.

To help me in this endeavor, please share articles, videos or podcasts which may be of interest to your friends and family.

Subscribing would be appreciated!

Happy Thanksgiving!




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