Raindrop for the Treatment of Presbyopia

Raindrop Mark Whitten MD Treatment for Presbyopia

Raindrop for the Treatment of Presbyopia

Raindrop Mark Whitten MD Treatment for PresbyopiaThis article is contributed by Mark Whitten, M.D.  Dr. Whitten and I have known each other for over 25 years when I was a resident assisting him in surgery.  He is a world-renowned laser vision correction specialist.

There is a new treatment for a condition called presbyopia.  Presbyopia, or near vision loss, is a natural event requiring the need for reading glasses as approach our 40s.

If you have problems reading a book, seeing a menu or need glasses to read you phone, and over the age of 40, you probably have presbyopia.

There is a new procedure to correct near vision loss!  The Raindrop Near Vision Inlay is FDA approved for the treatment of presbyopia (near vision loss).

Effective Treatment for Near Vision Loss

Many of you have likely heard of a vision correction procedure called LASIK.  I treated Tiger Woods back in 1999.

LASIK is still in vogue today and is highly effective for the correction of distance vision.

In my opinion and based upon my own experience, the Raindrop corneal inlay will have the same effect on patients with presbyopia.

Ophthalmologists and optometrists have been waiting for a correction for near vision loss.  My own patients have shown me how well this surgery can treat near vision loss.

15 Minute Procedure

A complete eye exam and medical history is necessary before the procedure to ensure that you are a good candidate and that you have realistic expectations.

We also need to confirm the diagnosis and make sure there are no signs of ocular disease which could complicate your situation.

The Raindrop inlay will be placed in your non-dominant eye (FDA mandated).  The procedure takes about 15 minutes, you are awake and there is no pain.

I have my own surgical suites within my offices in Washington, D.C., Richmond, VA and Charlotte Hall, MD.  For me, it allows me to operate very efficiently and with my own “team.”

Most of my patients start reading as soon as they get off the table!

Mark Whitten, M.D.
Washington DC
Charlotte Hall MD
Richmond VA

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