diabetes mellitus

March 12, 2010

Blurry Vision and Other Symptoms of Diabetes

Common symptoms of diabetes are thirst, dehydration,weight loss, fatigue and blurry vision. These are all caused by shifts in body water.
April 7, 2010

Sustained Release; Ozurdex Now Treats Diabetic Macular Edema?

Ozurdex was FDA approved for retinal vein occlusions. It releases steroids into the eye. It may now be a successful treatment for diabetic macular edema.
May 10, 2010

Vitreous Hemorrhage and Diabetes

Sudden loss of vision from a vitreous hemorrhage can be devastating. In cases of diabetes, however, all is not loss and the vision is usually regained.
May 12, 2010

Combination Injections for Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic macular edema has usually been treated with laser. Intraocular steroid injections combined with anti-VEGF medications, such as Avastin, more vision is restored.