December 21, 2009

A "Toy Story"…………Stories that Blind

Retinal surgeons treat lots of trauma. Eye trauma can happen with even the simplest of toys. Even "safe" toys can be potentially blinding. These are a few of my patients who have been blinded by "toys."
January 7, 2010

Blood in the Retina: You Make the Call

Actual case study from this morning. A patient presents with blood in the retina. What would you do?
March 9, 2010

Mom Should Have Washed Your Eye With Soap!

Did you know your eye is as dirty as your mouth? The eye, nose and mouth are anatomically connected and can share bacteria and other pathogens,
March 11, 2010

It's Not What You Look At, It's What You Look For

Knowing what to look for is essential to making a correct medical diagnosis. Retinal disease, such as ARMD and diabetes is easy to diagnose as we can also "see" the eye.