March 24, 2010

Your Retina Sees Backwards

Images of the world around us are actually projected upside down onto our retina. This image reversal allows us tremendous peripheral vision and the ability to see objects much larger that only a few millimeters high.
March 29, 2010

Medical Blogger: What's in a Name?

Medical bloggers are usually doctors writing about medical issues. I use a blog format to teach about health. Is this medical blogging?
April 26, 2010

Retina Surgery is "Same Day" Surgery

Retina surgery, either scleral buckle or vitrectomy, is performed while you are wide awake! It is usually painless and on an outpatient basis.
May 11, 2010

Eye Drops to Help You Heal

Following almost any eye surgery, your doctor will prescribe a series of eye drops. These usually include an antibiotic and others to keep the eye comfortable.