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1. Start Here. Read the cornerstone article Review of Macular Degeneration. It will give you an overview of the disease. There will be links within the article to expand your reading.

  • Topics. There tabs located horizontally along the top of the page where some of the cornerstone topics are included. All other “topics” are located in a column to the right.
  • Archives. The site was started in April, 2009. The articles are grouped together by the month they were written and listed by title.
  • Search Box. Another way of finding more information about macular degeneration is to use the SEARCH box. Type in a keyword or phrase and see what comes up. Only articles from this site are indexed here.
  • Tags. These are keywords following each article. Click on a “TAG” and other articles indexed by the same tag, or keyword, can be reviewed.
  • Category. Category searches can bring up every article written categorized with the same heading or subject.
  • Links. Almost all the links (colored text with underline) you see are all “internal” links, that is, they will bring up an article within this web site without changing your window. Any “external” links will be opened in a new window. Don’t worry, every article is indexed several ways.

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