November 12, 2009

My Opinion About Medical Blogging

Medical blogging can be more than a doctor's commentary. It can also be used to provide credible sources of information, cant' they?
December 22, 2009

Social Media: Finding Credible Info On the Internet

Health information on the internet is often not credible. Authority figures are scarce on the internet. I would recommend reading from credible authorities and learning to be critical readers. Use of the internet should augment your relationship with your doctor and not be a substitute for a health provider.
March 26, 2010

Blogs are Web Pages That "Morph"

What is a blog? is technically a blog, but we call it a web site. The biggest difference is that material, or content can be added easily.
March 29, 2010

Medical Blogger: What's in a Name?

Medical bloggers are usually doctors writing about medical issues. I use a blog format to teach about health. Is this medical blogging?