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I am a retina specialist (ophthalmologist) practicing in Fairfax, Virginia, just about 20 minutes from Washington D.C. I am a retina specialist and a board certified ophthalmologist practicing outside of Washington, D.C. with various locations in northern Virginia. I started this website years ago and use it for educational purposes to teach my existing patients, attract new visitors and also teach those with questions about eye diseases such as;

Macular Degeneration

Diabetic Retinopathy

Retinal Detachment

and Retinal Tears I realize that the understanding of eye disease is very difficult. For my existing patients, this website should augment the time we spend together in the office during a consultation or follow-up. For new patients, you can get an idea of what to expect during your visit and some of the articles here may help you understand why you need to see a retina specialist. For potential patients, I have worked hard on the content to help you get some insight about your disease...and my practice beliefs, "bedside manner" and personality.

Our Pledge

My staff and I pledge to treat you as though you are part of our family and to give you the extra "TLC" and respect you deserve. My staff and I will strive to give you our "best" each and every time you come to the office.

My goal is for you to have a complete understanding of your diagnosis and treatment plan that I might recommend. Meeting your expectations is my goal each and every visit.

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Recently I was recognized as having one of the top ranking ophthalmology YouTube channels. Most, if not all, are geared to my patients to give you a better understanding of various retinal surgery and topics. We are all different learners and this medium might be more favorable for you. - Randy

You are in a good hands....