May 27, 2009

Don't Take Flomax Prior to Cataract Surgery!

Flomax ® is taken by most men for benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH).  For several years, it has been implicated in causing intraoperative complications with cataract surgery.  The […]
December 29, 2009

The Risks of Eye Injections

There are risks to every medical procedure. The risks of intravitreal injections are low, but include blindness from infection and possibly retinal detachment. How to safeguard against infection from intraocular injections.
December 13, 2012

Emergency, Elective and Cosmetic Surgery

The difference between emergency surgery and elective surgery is only the immediacy of the surgery. Loss of function can occur in both types and both are covered by insurance.
April 4, 2013

When to Call After Your Retinal Surgery

Following retinal surgery, there are two particular signs of serious complications...pain and loss of vision.