July 31, 2009

High A1C Levels and Lipoprotein Lead to Retinopathy Progression

Elevated Hg A1C and Lipoprotein A may lead to progression of non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy.
August 17, 2009

How to Prevent Diabetic Retinopathy?

There may be nothing to do to absolutely prevent diabetic retinopathy, but you can prevent loss of vision.
September 2, 2009

Thirst, Frequency and Blurry Vision……Early Signs of Diabetes?

Increased urinary frequency, thirst and blurry vision may be the earliest signs of diabetes.
October 19, 2009

Routine Examination Schedule for Diabetic Retinopathy and Macular Degeneration

What is the right time to get an eye exam for diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration? Do you wait for something wrong?