January 19, 2012

Retinal Detachment Surgery

Ever want to view retinal detachment surgery? My latest video shows both a scleral buckle and vitrectomy for a retinal detachment. Careful, it's graphic!
July 27, 2012

Eye Vitamins for Macular Degeneration

Most patients taking vitamins for macular degeneration actually don't need them. These popular vitamins are only indicated for a specific subset of macular degeneration.
September 7, 2012

My 52nd Birthday!

I’m 52 years old this past Wednesday (9/5).  As with last year, I want to take my birthday celebration to write about what I’ve learned through […]
September 19, 2012

What is the Macula?: Macular Diseases

The macula is the central portion of the retina. Disease affecting the macula may be classified by the layer they affect! All reduce vision.