September 2, 2009

Thirst, Frequency and Blurry Vision……Early Signs of Diabetes?

Increased urinary frequency, thirst and blurry vision may be the earliest signs of diabetes.
September 12, 2009

When Shouldn't Patients with Diabetes Get Glasses?

When should patients with diabetes get glasses?
October 13, 2009

Diabetes – A Disease of Blood Vessels, Especially in the Eye

Diabetes can be approached as a disease that affects blood vessels. This is true in diabetic peripheral neuropathy, kidney disease and diabetic retinopathy.
January 20, 2010

A1C Now Used to Diagnose Diabetes

Hemoglobin A1C values are now used to not only treat blood sugar levels, but to diagnose diabetes as well. With earlier diagnosis, vision loss may be decreased due to earlier, and easier, diagnosis.