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January 7, 2010

Blood in the Retina: You Make the Call

Actual case study from this morning. A patient presents with blood in the retina. What would you do?
January 13, 2010

Standard of Care vs. FDA Approved – How We Choose a Treatment

Avastin is actually not FDA approved for the eye. How is it an acceptable treatment for wet macular degeneration?
January 20, 2010

A1C Now Used to Diagnose Diabetes

Hemoglobin A1C values are now used to not only treat blood sugar levels, but to diagnose diabetes as well. With earlier diagnosis, vision loss may be decreased due to earlier, and easier, diagnosis.
January 29, 2010

"Low Vision" Is Not "No Vision:" Part 1

Dr. Chris Renner discusses an introduction to Low Vision. Low vision is a specialty that aids patients who have permanent decreased vision from diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration or stroke. Many aids are available to improve "vision" and function.